Marriage Licenses

You must have an appointment to get a marriage license.  Prior to making your appointment please fill out the online application.  If you have any questions please call 936-873-4410.  We accept cash or credit/debit cards.  No personal checks.


You can search Marriage Licenses issued in Grimes County here.


Marriage License Fees (as of 1/1/2024)

Formal Marriage License = $81

Formal Marriage License with Discount* = $21

Informal Marriage License = $46

Certified Copy of a Marriage License = $11

Out of State Applicants = $100 additional charge


*If you take the Two Together Online Marriage Course you will receive a certificate good for a $60 discount on your marriage license fee.




1. Complete the Online Marriage Application - A formal marriage application is for persons getting married by an officiant.   If you only want to declare a common law marriage you can fill out an informal marriage application.

2. Make an Appointment Online Please fill out the online application before making your appointment.  Both parties must be present.  Both parties will need to bring a valid photo ID.

3. Complete the Two Together Online Marriage Course (Optional)If you take this course you will receive a $60 discount on the cost of your marriage license. You must have the certificate with you showing you completed the course.

4. Wedding CeremonyYou will need to make your own arrangements with whomever is going to marry you. Texas law states you must wait 72 hours after receiving your license to get married.  There are two exceptions to this rule.  You can get a waiver for the 72 hour waiting period if (1) you take the online marriage course or (2) you are an active duty member of the military.  You can make an appointment to be married by contacting the County Judge's office at 936-873-4476 or the JP's office at 936-873-6451.  Or you may get married by any pastor, deacon, minister or rabbi of your choice or anyone authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Texas. 


Your marriage license is only good for 90 days.   If not used within 90 days you will need to reapply for a new one.  This license is valid anywhere in the State of Texas. If you are getting married out of state or in another country check with the laws of that State or Country.  Once you are married you will to need to return your license within 30 days to be recorded. You will get your original marriage license back along with a certified copy. Additional certified copies are $11 each.